Teaching Staff

Boys' High has a proud record of excellent educators.  It has a full compliment of GDE educators and in addition the SGB also subsidises more than twenty educators annually.

Mr Dennis Watson taught for 35 years at this school.  He was Head of English Department and directed many well known productions at the Springs Civic Centre from the 60's onwards.

Mr D. Garnett, Head of Department - Economic Sciences, has been a teacher at Springs Boys' High School since January 1983.  Interesting that one of his athletes records still stands today - it is 42.68m for discus.

Mr M. Marais, Head of Department - Sciences, was also a learner at this school and has served this school faithfully since 1986.

Mr J. Ratsela represented our 1st XV rugby players a number of years ago, and he joined our ranks as an educator in 2012.

Mr B. Hlatywayo started his teaching career at Boys' High in January 2016.

Mr C. Bester joined our ranks in January 2017.

Mrs T. van Rooyen,  Mrs J. Standish, Miss S. Freeman, Mrs C. Dearden and Mrs L. Maxwell have also served our beloved school faithfully for a number of years and also hail from our sister school.

It must be noted: We are proud of our achievements of this illustrious school over the years but more than that, this school prepares and provides our pupils with a sound base to enter the work place.  The staff of this school are highly qualified academically and provide tuition of an exceptionally high standard.

Boys' High is as good as the "men it has made of its pupils" - we thus have every reason to be proud of our "Old Boys" at our school.